Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming.

We are here to help.

Destination Weddings
  • Do you have the perfect destination picked out, but overwhelmed by the different resort options and wedding packages?

  • Perhaps you don’t know what destination would be best for you and your dream day.  Do you want an expert to guide you through that process to pick that destination and make your dream come true?

  • Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personally-customized destination wedding is being handled by someone who has dedicated his life to creating stunning travel experiences?


You have this perfect  scenario in your head.   You can see it - the perfect location,  weather,  resort and decor  for your wedding day.  You’re standing on a beautiful white sand beach next to turquoise waters,  the sun dipping into the horizon,  you're  surrounded by your favorite people in the world as you commit your life to the person you love.  And of course,  this dream will  followed by a romantic honeymoon that you’ll want to experience  year after year.  It is easy to postpone the planning as the work it would require to ensure the dream inside your head is a reality, is just too overwhelming .    You don’t want to do this and procrastinate the planning.  I am here to relieve the burden, to save you time,  money  and most importantly stress. 


Fully  understanding  your needs and desires  for your wedding is our ultimate goal.  We want to provide the services that  will bring your dreams and vision come to life.  YOU will be our primary focus.

Destination Weddings


We know you do not want to miss out on how we can save you money, reduce your stress  AND get you money back from the hotel.


It's quite simple...

  • You pick a time that’s convenient for you

  • We will get to know you and your desires for your special day,  so that we can properly give you advice and guidance on how to pull off this once-in-a-lifetime wedding

  • If we’re confident we can help you plan your dream day, we’ll guide you through the next steps in working with us

  • We are committed to having your back and leveraging our buying power so you can save more money,  reduce stress and get money back from the resorts for planning your wedding with us.

-Check out these testimonials-

She is very knowledgeable and personable. Every question I have she provides a clear response and plans exactly what I am dreaming of in my mind! Best travel agent I have ever contacted and will never use anyone else! ~Camika 

Jennifer is so easy to work with! She truly listens to what you want your vacation to be and delivers. She is meticulous, informed and accessible. We had a true emergency on one of our vacations. She helped us get the medical care needed and go us back home. We are about to take our fifth trip with Jennifer as our agent. I will never spend days researching destinations and trolling airlines for the best fares and stressing over transportation and activities. Jennifer has all of that on lock!


Very pleasant experience. All of our requests were met. We had an awesome time, great flight, transportation and hotel. ~Marilyn

Are you ready to begin planning your destination wedding and allow us to implement our planning tools  and expertise to make your wedding day a huge success?

Destination Weddings
Destination Weddings
Destination Weddings