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Roy Travel Co

Q & A to Roy Travel Co and Our Processes

What are the benefits of working with Roy Travel Co?

  • RTC is  a full-service travel agency that goes beyond booking a trip

  • The RTC approach is to spend time getting to know your vision of what you expect out of your vacation - to learn your likes and dislikes and your personal preferences.  

  • After designing your trip, we will share ideas and suggestions for the destination, along with keeping you up-to-date on entry protocols per the destination.

  • RTC provides 24X7 service through our travel partners.  

  • An app with customized information for you to use as a guide before and during your travels.

What does working with Roy Travel Co look like?

  • You complete a vacation request form via the website giving RTC as much information  as posssible about the trip you would like to take.

  • Once your form has been received, within 2 business days RTC will reach out ot schedule  a phone call or Zoom meeting.  During this visit we will discuss and brainstorm your wants and desires in a vacation. We know that our agency isn't for everyone - so we would like to take the time to see if we can work together.

  • After your consultation,  RTC will send an invoice  to plan your vacation.  This is a non-refundable planning fee to compensate RTC for the time to research and design. Once this is paid, planning will commence subject to  your travel dates. 

  • RTC will submit up to 3 quotes per the destination of choice and in respect for your budget.

  • When a quote has been approved,  you will be required to place a deposit to secure the booking. Your  final payment will be due 45-60 days before departure. 

Will Roy Travel Co book our flights?

  • Absolutely. Flights must be booked with a minimum 3-night hotel stay.  Flights are subject to a 150.00 per person booking fee if booked without a hotel. Or, if you would like to book your own flights, here are some tips.

We would like to book an AirBnB, will you book that for us?

  • RTC has access to homes and villas around the globe, but we do not book AirBnB due to liablities.

Entry protocols are so confusing.  We booked our trip online, but we aren't sure where to get tested or what kind of test is necessary.  Can you help?

  • This is a service that we extend to those who book their trips through RTC.  Legally RTC cannot give counsel to those who are not our clients.

Can you pick a destination for me?

  • Absolutely.  We realize that different personalities create diffent needs and not all clients know exactly where they would like to go.  After our consultation we can make recommendations, or even design a surprise trip for you.  Designing  tailored getaways  is our speicality. 

Will Roy Travel Co price match a price listed online?

  • While we strive to be competitive in our pricing and often have better offers, we do not offer "deals" or price-match. Instead, we offer service well beyond an online site; therefore, RTC offers added value. 

  • When a client often shares a price they found cheaper; the components are not the same. For example, when details match, the price is little or no disparity.

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