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Do you have a bucket list trip?  A trip through Africa to experience the Big Five, or an over-the-water bungalow in the Maldives, or the opportunity to stay in Castles in Scotland and Ireland? How about a trip to Morocco to ride a camel through the desert? You share your dream trip, and we will design it with your level of luxury in mind. Would you prefer private helicopter travel?  Or perhaps you prefer flying on a private jet.  At Roy Travel Co we can make all of this a reality. 

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Morocco, with all its wonders, is ready to welcome you.  From its gorgeous tiles to delicious food, there is an abundance to experience in this north African country.

Image by Xtra, Inc.


Located in the Indian Ocean and is a collection of over 1000 islands, it is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters.  The Maldives has all-inclusive resorts and typically there is only one resort per island. 



The experience of a safari is life-changing. Early morning safari rides watching the sunrise and studying the animals as they either search for breakfast or are napping from dinner the night before make you feel at one with nature. 

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