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Destination Wedding Best Practices

Updated: Jul 10

Destination weddings can be a lot of work! We all know planning any event takes work, and your wedding is no different. In planning many destination weddings, we have created this list of things to consider. By no means do we believe this is an exhaustive list, nor do these apply to everyone, so take this advice as you wish.

Destination Wedding at Hard Rock Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya, Mexico

Highly recommend:

  • Consider your destination wedding list to be for those you will regret not sharing the day with and have a reception upon returning for those who could not attend.

  • Send out save-the-dates with wedding website information.

  • Put some thought into your special day and send out save-the-dates asap!

  • Keep your website up-to-date and reach out to guests with updates to make them feel welcome and part of your day.

  • When considering your destination, it is also a bonus to make it as convenient as possible for our guests.

  • While it may be a pain to carry your wedding dress onto the airplane - this is a must!

  • Hire a certified travel agent that specializes in destination weddings.

  • Book a mini trip to your destination of choice to ensure it is the location that will work for you.

  • Stay within your budget and that of your guests as much as possible.

  • Be thoughtful about traditions and what is essential for you to include.

  • Discuss all outside vendors before planning to ensure you can hire contractors that you prefer.

  • Check your dress one last time before you travel to ensure nothing is loose or too tight before the big day.

  • Schedule a trial run on your hair and makeup well before the big day.


  • Assuming that a destination wedding will be cheaper than one in the states.

  • Overthinking your perfect day with perfect weather and beach conditions.

  • Feeling responsible for the expenses of your wedding guests.

  • Shipping clothes, gifts, or decorations to your destination

  • Including the entire family of your guests. (Children do not need to be included unless you want to be.)

  • Scheduling a fully packed agenda. Everyone will need some alone time or time to enjoy the resort without a set plan.

  • Being disappointed when everyone invited is not in attendance.

  • Taking enough clothes for a month when you will only be gone a week.

  • Choosing the wedding package that is the most extravagant.

  • What is important?? Stressing over every imperfection will put a damper on your day, and no one wants to be around a Bridezilla.

  • Leave your guests hanging.

  • Taking a step back and take in your day instead of being caught up in everything happening.

  • Choosing a dress for any other reason besides you look and feel beautiful.

  • Worry about getting married in hurricane season. Sure, be cautious and plan, but do not let it deter you from choosing that date.

  • Making a point to think of your fiancé and your life together. Do not lose sight of the significance of the day.

  • Planning too much. Incorporate a little self-care into your planning.

  • Being Flexible! Those who are flexible are never bent out of shape. 😊

Your wedding is your day, and it is an expression of your style and your love. Enjoy the entire process and try your best to tune out the naysayers and those who want things differently than you would prefer. I hear all the time brides say, "My mom wants the reception this way, but I want it this way." Brides, this is not your mom's wedding. Your wedding should be about you and your fiance, and it should not be a reflection of someone else. Unless, of course, you would like for it to be.

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