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Destination Weddings ~ San Miguel de Allende

What is the first thing that pops into your head when Mexico comes up in conversation? Maybe I am unique, but my go-to’s are beaches, tacos, and margaritas.

I mean, who doesn’t love tacos and margaritas?

Let’s travel to central Mexico, where we can find handcrafted margaritas and street tacos, and cobblestone streets replace beaches. Colonial-era homes, near-perfect temperatures, and over 2000 doors with secrets behind each one can be found here. Are you ready to pack your bags and go?

San Miguel de Allende is a popular destination wedding choice for many. San Miguel is ideal for hosting your wedding with beautiful architecture, a fun vibe, excellent food, and gorgeous weather.

There are many hotels in the city for travelers, from smaller boutique hotels to medium-sized hotels to host your wedding guests. In addition, properties like Casa Sierra Nevada, Live Aqua, and Rosewood have beautiful grounds for weddings and receptions.

In addition to the various venues within the city of San Miguel, there are many wineries in the area that also host weddings and receptions.

With spring-like temperatures almost all year round, rooftop terraces are a popular place to eat, drink, and watch the sunset over the mountains.

Plaza de Toros

In the center of town, you can find Plaza de Toros, where bullfights occur. However, it can also be used for wedding receptions. I snuck this picture as they were setting up for a reception. I only wished I would have been able to see it at night as I know it would have made the best picture with its festive spirit in full swing.

Casa Sierra Nevada was also hosting a wedding while I was there, and I could also capture the ceremony and reception locations during their setup. I am not sure why I wasn’t invited to the wedding; they have no idea how much fun I could have added. LOL

Traveling to San Miguel is relatively easy as Querétaro and Leon airports service it. With an easy transfer of 1-1.5 hours, you can find yourself in the beautiful city. It is a walkable city, but comfy, sturdy shoes are a must as the cobblestone streets can be tricky to navigate with heels or wedges. Taxis are readily available throughout the city for those who prefer not to walk.

If you’re considering San Miguel de Allende as your wedding location of choice, Roy Travel Co would love to plan your travel arrangements and make your dream wedding come true.

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