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Discovering the Enchanting Charms of Ireland's Hidden Gem: Leslie Castle

LUCK OF THE IRISH March makes us think of Ireland for two main reasons. Firstly, March marks the start of spring, and there is no better location to enjoy the blooming of springtime flowers than in the beautiful Irish countryside. Secondly, March is nearly synonymous with St. Patrick's Day – a celebration of the patron saint of Ireland – and the opportunity to join in the revelry and merriment of the festivities that occur throughout the country. The rolling green hills, misty castles, and lively cities are genuinely out of a fairy tale. CASTLE LESLIE ESTATE Staying in a castle in Ireland is a dream for many travelers, and Castle Leslie Estate can help make this dream a reality for you. This spectacular property is on 1,000 acres of the Irish countryside, dotted with ancient woodland and glittering lakes. It is one of the last great Irish estates still in the hands of its founding family. Located in Glaslough, Castle Leslie Estate is just 80 minutes from Dublin, 60 minutes from Belfast, and a million miles from anywhere.

A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN Castle Leslie Estate is full of character and personality and includes a variety of accommodations to suit all tastes and requirements.

  • The Castle - features 21 unique bedrooms ranging from romantic boudoir designs to flamboyant rooms decorated with rich, deep colors

  • The Lodge - includes 50 guest rooms, each of which remains true to the building's original structure, in a boutique country house style Lodge

  • The Old Stable Mews - set with a cut-stone courtyard, this old coach house features a collection of two-bedroom mews, which have been restored and refurbished.

CHARMING EXPERIENCES In addition to dining at one of the award-winning restaurants or receiving a relaxing treatment at the luxurious spa at Castle Leslie Estate, you can also participate in several unique activities such as:

  • Horse Riding

  • Falconry

  • Clay Target Shooting

  • Archery

  • Fishing

  • Boating

  • Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

  • Picnics

Staying at a castle in Ireland is a special and unique opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of the Irish countryside fully. Are you ready to start planning your St. Patrick's Day 2024 Irish adventure now? Contact Roy Travel Co here and let us help you create the perfect itinerary!

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