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Officially a Certified Travel Associate!

Almost anyone can become a travel agent these days, but there are certifications that set us apart.

I am proud to one of the nine that passed my CTA test at Cruise World in Nov 2019.

Here is an article that explains the why certification matters.

In order to take the CTA course from the Travel Institute you must have a minimum of 12 months experience in the industry. Working through the course was fun, but taking the test was not. I am not a huge fan of tests. I get nervous and have this fear that everything I know will escape me and I will not know what to write. Of course, I always do much better than I feel I am going to.

I Desire to ALWAYS be Learning and Improving

Is the learning over now that I am certified? Absolutely not. I will continue to study and stay up-to-date on resorts, wedding packages, marriage requirements per country, etc. The travel industry is constantly changing and especially post COVID-19 there have been many changes and more to come.

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