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Planning a Destination Wedding?

Updated: Jul 10

Destination Wedding Poolside
I do!


Congratulations on your engagement. Soak up this exciting time and not focus on the stress of planning the best celebration. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful by itself, and when you add in the family drama or drama with friends and elopement might sound better and better all the time.

What if planning your wedding day was less stressful, and only those close friends and family attended, creating an intimate celebration? Does this sound like the wedding of your dreams? How about partying on a warm sandy beach during sunset as you celebrate your new marriage? Or, in the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany, as you look your loved one in the eyes and say, "I do."

Destination weddings can be a way to celebrate your marriage that is entirely non-traditional in the sense that guests can last for days instead of the few hours at a traditional wedding. Often, guests arrive a day or two before the big day and stay for several days afterward; however, not all brides and grooms remain after the ceremony to spend more time with their guests, but many do to continue celebrating with their close friends and family.

How much does a destination wedding cost? The cost depends on you and what you're looking for at a wedding. However, there are accommodations and wedding packages for every budget. Working with a certified travel advisor to help select the right place for you and your budget is the best decision you can make. A travel advisor will be able to explain the benefits, in addition to their professional guidance, of booking with a travel advisor versus an online booking site or directly with the resort.

Are you considering a micro wedding? Since the pandemic, more and more brides are considering a smaller wedding. Our lives have changed so much since March of 2020, and weddings have changed as well. Destination weddings can still offer a level of safety with smaller groups in an environment where many safety and sanitization protocols have been put in place to fight against the covid-19.

Would you like to chat with a professional about a destination wedding? Roy Travel Co offers free consultations to all potential clients. Schedule your Zoom Call today to get started planning your magical day.

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