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Unveiling the Beauty: Travel Italy with Roy Travel Co.

Updated: Sep 1

Italy is amazing - that is no lie. It has been the most requested destination for 2023, and it seems that 2024 is following suit, it's time to Travel Italy. I have had numerous clients explore Italy this year, and so far, not one complaint. (I guess I had better knock on wood).

I spent the month of April digging deeper into Italy and the experiences to plan for my clients. It was so enjoyable getting off the beaten path to see this beautiful country and all it has to offer. From cooking classes to riding E-bikes and driving a vintage Fiat 500, I had the best time.

Travel Italy Experiences
Experiences in Italy

This trip was primarily about exploring Tuscany, Venice, and Piedmont.

In Tuscany, I had the opportunity to visit Cortona, Pienza. Siena, and Castiglion Fiorentino. And, my favorite thing to do in Tuscany <drum roll> is visit the wineries. Lunch at a winery in Tuscany is an absolute treat if you've never experienced it.

Travel Italy Wineries
Beautiful Tuscan Countryside

While visiting Venice, we ate in the house of a local, Massimo. It was a great evening sharing the table with a Venetian. We were served the salad with Massimo's secret dressing, tomatoes that only grow on a nearby island, fresh anchovies (these are nothing like the salty ones Americans are familiar with), mussels, orecchiette pasta, and this delicious dessert that resembled a puff pastry. We walked the narrow walkways, and dined on a canal while watching gondolas float by with a musician on board. (Did you know that each gondolier has to have special training and pass complex tests?)

We left Venice and headed to Piedmont, where we stayed on the grounds of Castello dal Pozzo. It was the most incredible experience and one we hope to repeat soon. You can stay in the castle, renovated horses stables, or the main building, the Palazzo. The grounds are stunning and vast, with ample room for kids to run and play. There are e-bikes on the property to rent as well. It is a beautiful location for a destination wedding overlooking Lake Maggiore.

Lake Maggiore is home to Borromean Islands - which are a must-see when visiting. There are many ways to explore the islands, but I highly recommend a private boat to roam at leisure.

Travel Italy Lake Maggiore Jennifer Roy
Lake Maggiore

If you're thinking of planning a trip to Italy for next year, here are some tips to make your trip awesome:

First, pick the best time to go and plan early. Summer can be super busy and hot, so maybe go in spring or fall instead. You'll have more space, cooler weather, better prices, and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Second, learn some Italian words. It's fun and easy, and the locals will appreciate it. Plus, you'll sound super cool. Just say ciao, grazie, and scusi, and you're good to go.

Third, check out the hidden gems. Rome, Florence, and Venice are gorgeous, but there's more to Italy than that. You can visit the Cinque Terre, five cute villages by the sea, or Siena, a medieval city with a crazy horse race and a stunning cathedral, or Puglia with all its hidden gems. I love to incorporate unique and not frequently visited sites for my clients.

Finally, eat and drink your heart out. Italy has the best food ever, from pizza and pasta to gelato and espresso. And don't forget the wine. You can try some fantastic wines like Chianti, Barolo, and Prosecco.

Are you ready to begin planning your Italian getaway? I promise I will create an itinerary that will not disappoint.

Click the link below to begin!

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